SK Planet

ICT Solution

ICT Solution

Offering innovative solutions and services based on advanced technologies, SK Planet opens up new possibilities by demonstrating its technological capabilities in various areas such as IoT, media and AI.

Mobile Service

Mobile communications based value-added services with greater convenience
SK Planet is responsible for managing various value-added services to provide a more convenient mobile communications service experience for SK telecom customers. Including complimentary services such as Sori-sam and Lettering, and charged services such as Call keeper, Coloring, and Messaging, we manage some 80 different types of value-added services. We also reliably operate about 20 types of messaging value-added services such as web out-going message alert services and other value-added services such as friend finder, teenager protection services, and more. We also participate in the planning and development of new value-added services to provide a better mobile communications experience.

T Coloring

New concept intelligent Coloring service
T Coloring, which is available via an application and website, is a service developed to enable mobile communications customers to design and express their own unique ring tones with the latest songs and top-quality content. To cater to the various needs of customers, T Coloring also provides various different forms of taste-based content through partnerships with influencers to provide influencer-created sound sources, ASMR, and other feel-good sounds via the new Socialing option. With easy search features, users can easily purchase and set the color schemes and ring tones that they like. Featuring a wide range of music from all genres including the latest trending music, users can easily make purchases and set up the service to their liking using coloring. T Coloring has also made things easier for users by providing situation-specific coloring services for situations when it is difficult to answer the phone, such as while driving, in meetings, in class, or while exercising. You can also easily set different time zones and caller-specific coloring and send it as a gift to your friends. The T Coloring application can be used by KT customers as well as SKT customers and can be downloaded from One Store and Google Play. iOS users can easily download the service at


Establishing and operating SK Telecom’s integrated account service
T ID is an integrated ID that allows you to conveniently use various services provided by SK Telecom and Wavve, SK Broadband’s video platform service with one account. Based on development and operations experience in account integration and verification, SK Planet has been in charge since T ID’s establishment to current operations and aims to continuously upgrade and improve its services for a more stable and convenient customer experience. The T ID portal page( and the T ID application not only allow customers to view activity info and the services they’ve used recently with their T ID, but also uses what’s known as the ‘quantum cryptography’ method, which utilizes quantum unpredictability, instead of the current method which allows reverse tracking, to keep all information as safe as possible. Customers can log in with a QR code and 2-factor authentication that uses quantum technology and experience a safer and more convenient login service. Customers can receive SK pay point prizes each day by just choosing their moods (only in the T ID application) and viewing special recommended content. Customers can register and use T ID through an easy and simple process and is available for use through websites and applications of various services such as T World, T Membership, Wavve, T Map, NUGU, and more.


New communication between companies and customers
SK Planet is hard at work lending a hand to everything involving the service planning, system development/operation, and sales of the Bizchat system and is expanding its territory as a new communication channel between companies and customers. Using customers that have agreed to receive advertisements from SK Telecom, Bizchat targets client companies that businesses want, allowing businesses to look forward to high reception rates and response rates due to utilizing 2-way MMS. Consultation Bizchat is a chat consultation service that has moved phone consultations to text, thus reducing costs while also increasing customer satisfaction.