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Marketing Platform

Marketing Platform

With the nation's largest marketing platform operating know-how and technology-based open platform, it connects consumers and sellers most efficiently.

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Earn & redeem

Korea’s unrivalled integrated rewards service
OK CASHBAG is Korea's largest integrated rewards service with some 93,000 affiliated stores and 2.1 million members. Since the introduction of the first-of-its-kind service in Korea in 1999, it has provided consumers a mileage service that can be earned and redeemed in various brands of affiliated stores, while providing differentiated marketing services to its partnering companies.


OK CASHBAG’s leading ad product generates high volume traffic
O!QUIZ is a live, interactive advertisement product rolled out in August 2019. The leading advertisement service of OK CASHBAG enables corporate customers to boost the effectiveness of their brand and product promotions, while allowing participants to solve quizzes and earn OK CASHBAG points in a fun and interesting way.


Business messaging service evolving into mobile ad medium
OBIZ is a text message advertising service that leverages SK Planet’s advanced targeting system. Since its launch in April 2021, OBIZ has optimized advertising effectiveness for corporate customers by offering sophisticated targeting at affordable cost.

B2G Marketing

SK Planet’s marketing technology lends a hand to small businesses and local governments
Support small businesses on O2O platformWe harness big data such as customer consumption pattern and location-based data collected through OK CASHBAG and Syrup to help small businesses nationwide to increase foot traffic to their stores and open up new online markets.
‘Hot of Hot’ introduces most exciting places in KoreaThe service offers information and contents related to tourism, festivals, and local specialties of local governments across the nation. It delivers new customer experience that goes beyond simple product advertisements by creating synergies with media such as travel magazine and TV broadcasting, and providing compelling contents such as playAR and gamification.
The ultimate guide to hot places in our neighborhoodThe service, which is available on OK CASHBAG and Syrup, introduces diverse local stores to customers within an 1 kilometer radius. Some 20,000 stores are registered nationwide and the number of exposed stores continues to grow.


Manage your finances your way with my.Syrup
Syrup has evolved from a mobile wallet into an asset management platform to allow you to create your very own financial services that only gather the information you need. Syrup allows you to keep track of your finances in a one-stop place, once you connect your financial assets with My Data. Moreover, you can add to your widget financial assets, benefit offers, and other financial information that you want your screen to show.


Lockscreen earn you OK CASHBAG rewards points
O!Lock released in May 2015, rewards customers with rewards points every time customers unlock their phones and participate in an event. This way, customers can earn rewards points while advertisers can reach OK CASHBAG customers with high purchasing power. As O!Lock runs on big data, it generates sophisticated targeting and high click-through rate (CTR).

Syrup personal loan
comparison service

Find the best rates from personal loan comparison service
On Syrup’s loan comparison platform, customers can compare loan products from different financial institution based on financial and nonfinancial record they agreed to share. Borrowers can use the tool to determine best option and customize their own loan terms without having to visit a bank branch

Syrup MyHealth

Personalized insurance recommendations based on data analytics
Syrup MyHealth helps customers understand their health status and take a systematic approach in managing their health by delivering disease prediction tool to customers who have undergone self-certification and consent procedures. The prediction service is based on big data including metabolic age, cancer, and diabetes, collected through national health examination on 1.16 million patients.


Live commercial broadcast with Korea’s largest viewership
Launched as OK CASHBAG’s live commerce arm in June 2020, O!LABANG is a live commercial broadcast service in which professional host introduces advertiser’s products and promotional events to increase brand awareness and promote sales.

shopping rewards

Earn extra OK CASHBAG rewards points on your shopping
OK CASHBAG users can earn up to 15% extra rewards points on every purchase they make when shopping with its affiliate shopping malls. By partnering with some 800 major shopping malls in Korea and about 200 shopping websites overseas, the service continues to expand its online sales channels.


Onsite marketing tool for shopping malls gets personal
Since the introduction of real-time personalized recommendation technology for the first time in Korea in 2014, Recopick has delivered onsite marketing tool to shopping mall clients of various scales and categories, offering top of the notch personalized recommendation services without the burden of excess fees.

SK Planet DMP

Integrated data platform transcends marketing boundaries
SK Planet’s Data Management Platform (DMP) is capable ofcollecting, processing, analyzing, and delivering non-identifiable user data from diverse services offered by SK to perform targeting and analysis. Moreover, DMP maximizes marketing effectiveness by interlocking with various external channels.

Studio Planet

Branded content marketing targeting Millennials and Gen Z
Studio Planet is a digital marketingchannel that specializes in Millennials and Generation Z.Studio Planet helps client companies build brand awareness with its compelling branded contents that stand out and attract great attention.It offers branded contents by naturally blending the brand message into the native content of theplatform.


Be shrewd with your finances with Syrup and OK CASHBAG
SK Planet’s My Data service enables customers to keep track of all their financial assets in a one-stop place. The service, which is based on consented customer data, helps users optimize their financial portfolio by recommending financial products that best suit their needs. SK Planet plans to make the service availableat Syrup and OK CASHBAG to help users become more financially savvy.