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Marketing Platform

Marketing Platform

With the nation's largest marketing platform operating know-how and technology-based open platform, it connects consumers and sellers most efficiently.

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Enjoying point life with unique values
ok cashbag
OK CASHBAG is Korea's largest integrated mileage service with 44,000 affiliated stores and approximately 35 million members. Since its introduction for the first time in Korea in 1999, it has provided consumers a mileage service that can be earned and used in various brands of affiliated stores. For affiliated representative domestic companies, it has been providing differentiated marketing services. You can also easily earn and use points in the industry’s first developed smartphone app and can view, add, gift, exchange, and charge points. You can also enjoy a more diversified point life with DOTUM points which can be used in certain stores with more benefits, and by using O-Lock, an OK CASHBAG lock screen app where you can easily gather points with a mobile phone’s lock screen.

Syrup Wallet

Smart commerce life at your fingertips
Syrup Wallet is a marketing platform service that offers customers a smarter consumption experience by curating shopping benefits and information customized to each consumer’s area of interest. Based on a wide network of affiliated stores including 130 domestic companies and 631 affiliated brands, it provides various services for smart consumer lifestyles such as mobile membership brand card services of affiliated brands and manufacturers, coupons, gifticons, events, affiliated credit cards, tickets, and more. Syrup Wallet continues to evolve to become the smartest consumer media within our consumers’ lifestyles that will continue to improve and expand the convenience and benefits of various membership / brand card use.


DXP marketing platform: A data-driven approach for CRM
Data Experience Platform (DXP) is a CRM-based marketing platform that offers a loyalty points program and covers the entire lifecycle of targeted marketing, from planning to execution and performance evaluation. Participating merchants can build a loyal customer base in a speedy manner, and use a marketing effectiveness index provided by DXP to communicate more efficiently with customers. Furthermore, based on its 34 million members, DXP also supports digital transformation of clients who have greater needs to expand their business online. Since its launch in the latter half of 2018, DXP has joined hands with various partners, including Moda Outlet, SK Gas, and Lotteria.