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Data Infra/Business

Data Infra/Business

Based on advanced data analysis platform, we provide personalized recommendation services and various customer services.

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SK Planet

Integrated data platform for boundary transcending marketing
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SK Planet DMP (Data Management Platform) is a data platform that integrates data of major services such as 11Street, T Map, T World, T Membership, OK CASHBAG, Syrup Wallet, Nate, and more. It allows easy and quick navigation of behavioral data of 130 million non-identifiable Advertising IDs (ADID) and Cookie IDs in the cloud environment, while allowing data to be extracted by specifying search criteria. A wide range of visual analytics tools enables clients to conduct customer analysis and gain marketing insights. It also builds a safer data environment by collecting and processing non-identifiable data. This enables interlocking with various external channels and maximization of marketing effectiveness through direct communication with customers.


Real-time personalized recommendation service
Since the introduction of real-time personalized recommendation technology for the first time in Korea in 2014, Recopick has been providing personalized recommendation services to shopping mall client companies of various scales and fields. We have been evolving with the launch of recommendation engine-based personalized services to improve advertising and marketing execution outcomes such as personalized landing pages and target marketing-purpose Recopick Insight. Recopick aims to be ten-fold more cost-effective than other domestic competitors and enables not only large size malls, but also small and middle-sized malls to utilize Korea’s top-notch personalized services without charge. We seek to provide our customers a more convenient shopping experience with the use of Recopick’s data.