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ICT Solution

ICT Solution

Offering innovative solutions and services based on advanced technologies, SK Planet opens up new possibilities by demonstrating its technological capabilities in various areas such as IoT, media and AI.

RB Insight

Sophisticated IoT based sensor and data analysis achieved through deep learning
Tapping into cloud-based deep learning and real-time high-volume data analysis technology, SK Planet automatically monitors the sensor for abnormalities and provides various data analysis and its visualization services based on SK Planet’s 30 billion incidences of accumulated sensor data. This enables customers to increase sensor observation accuracy and improve data-based decision-making reliability and implement advanced yet affordable sensor management solutions.
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The right weather application that gives you access to real-time local weather
Weatherpong is an application that provides real-time weather updates for regions set by the user or the user’s current location. It provides real-time updates on things such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, fine dust, and UV index for regions around the country. Weatherpong provides weather updates in a different and more fun way by using the character ‘Pong’ to express different emotions according to the weather. The application also provides detailed weather information on such things as fine dust, UV rays, sunrise/sunset, and weather forecasts by time, of day and day of the week while also providing a step counter service and the Weather lock service, which allows users to easily and quickly get weather updates and view the weather on their smartphone screens. Weatherpong can be downloaded from One Store or Google Play and can be used with any mobile carrier. The service is global and supports Korean, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
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