SK Planet

ICT Synergy

ICT Synergy

Offering innovative solutions and services based on advanced technologies, SK Planet opens up new possibilities by demonstrating its technological
capabilities in various areas such as AI, IoT, and media.

AI Chatbot

Customer interactive artificial intelligence customer consultation service
AI Chatbot is an interactive service program that analyzes the topic and context of conversations based on artificial intelligence, grasping the intent of the user’s question and providing the best response. SK planet provides chatbot services through collaboration with various companies based on operation related platforms, together with conversation management, natural language recognition, and messenger related source technology. SK Planet supports customers in receiving information quickly and conveniently through the commercialization of services such as SK Telecom─a convenient text message-based customer consultation service that can be used without installing an application and 11Street─a real-time and customized digital∙mart product consultation service without time constraints. SK Planet plans to continue expanding its AI chatbot business and its business partners based on its abundant data and advanced technology.
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Cooperation with SK Telecom’s artificial intelligence service NUGU
SK Planet participates in the service planning, UX design, and development & operations of SK Telecom's artificial intelligence service NUGU. We also develop advanced speech recognition technology and client/servers and take part in application planning and development for the expansion of NUGU services. We are responsible for the service planning of 11Street, financing, and NUGU Call within NUGU services, the development of T map x NUGU and B tv x NUGU, and UX design for NUGU App, B tv x NUGU, Mini Phone x NUGU, JOON x NUG, and more.
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