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Business Solution

Offering innovative solutions and services based on advanced technologies, SK Planet opens up new possibilities by demonstrating its technological capabilities in various areas such as IoT, media and AI.

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RB Dialog

Chatbot builder solution powered by conversation AI technology
RB Dialog is a chatbot builder solution developed by SK Planet, utilizing AI-based natural language processing and experience in creating chatbot services for SK Telecom, 11street, and others. The solution can be applied in a wide range of businesses including chatbot, callbot, AI Contact Center (AICC), and more. In addition to core engine technology such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) based on conversational language model (Dialog-KoELECTRA), Dialog Management (DM), Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC), summarization, speech recommendation, and Named Entity Recognition (NER), SK Planet uses its business platform technologies connected to messenger and consultation platforms to support corporate customers as they transplant AI technology related to natural language processing into their business environment and system.

AI-powered voice

Supports development and operation of diverse AI-powered voice services
Supports development of diverse AI-powered voice services SK Planet supports client companies as they implant AI Agent technology to their work environment to perceive surrounding environment and execute automation tasks. We also support AI transformation of our client’s services and platform by developing and providing diverse AI-powered services.
Joins hands with SK Telecom to roll out AI service NUGU SK Planet takes part in service planning, UX design, and development and operation of SK Telecom’s artificial intelligence service NUGU. We also support application planning and open platform service planning for extended NUGU services, while participating in the enhancement and operation of NUGU application and NUGU developers service.