SK Planet

ICT Synergy

ICT Synergy

Offering innovative solutions and services based on advanced technologies, SK Planet opens up new possibilities by demonstrating its technological
capabilities in various areas such as AI, IoT, and media.


Join hands with SK Telecom to roll out the AI platform NUGU
SK Planet participates in service planning, UX design, and development and operations of SK Telecom's artificial intelligence service NUGU. We also take part in application planning and open platform service planning for extended NUGU services and development of speech recognition services for various B2B business partners. Moreover, we are also responsible for service planning of 11Street, order, finance, and NUGU Call inside NUGU services, as well as UX design for the NUGU app, This includes B tv x NUGU, Mini Phone x NUGU, JOON x NUGU, and more. SK Planet also has the capabilities to deploy AI-powered services based on speaker, phone, TV, and IoT devices.
NUGU 기획/개발 설명