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Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary Company

We work closely with a competent subsidiary to synergize and create new values.

Subsidiary Company

SK m&service

SK m&service
Benepia Employee benefit platform
Data-driven targeted marketing
Business education solutions
Customer contact center(CRM)
ICT services and development
Employee benefit platform Benepia, data-driven targeted marketing, training solutions for businesses, customer contact center (CRM), ICT services and development
Since its commencement of IT solution services in 2000, SK M & Service has broadened its business scope to provide reliable business operation solutions which include customer contact center and training solutions for businesses, as well as targeted marketing such as data-based insurance, final expense coverage, and subscription sales. Moreover, based on its ICT capabilities and top-quality human resources in data, technology, and infrastructure, it offers valuable personalized welfare services such as employee benefits platform Benepia.
As a trusted W.a.a.S(Welfare as a Service) provider, SK M & Service will continue to put utmost value on customer satisfaction and pave the path for true mutual growth in pursuit of the trust and happiness of all of its stakeholders—members of the staff, small and medium-sized businesses, and ultimately every individual in the community.