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Subsidiary Companies

We work closely with competent subsidiaries to synergize and create new values.

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SK m&service
B2B 중개플랫폼
맞춤형 영업상품
ICT 개발 운영
기업운영 솔루션
B2B trading platform, customized sales products, ICT development operations, business operation solutions
Since its commencement of IT solutions development·operations business in 2000, SK M & Services has developed and operated a variety of business solutions and delivered efficient business management solutions such as providing high-quality operation agent services in contact centers, corporate training, and business trips. We will not settle for the growth we have achieved to date and will once again challenge ourselves to be a B2B-based business partner focused on professional technology and top-quality human capital that provides the best services to our clients in this business field. To this end, we are advancing our business model centered on customer value and strengthening our internal core competencies. We will continue to develop professional services for our customers to touch our customers’ hearts and will pave the path for true mutual growth with our business partners along the way.