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Strategic direction for ESG commitments

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Armed with leading technologies, SK Planet is committed to addressing deep social issues and supporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management for corporate customers. SK Planet is working towards a sustainable future with its ICT-powered business solutions to deliver ESG achievements, and marketing platform to carry out corporate social responsibilities.
In the business solution arm, SK Planet supports ESG performance system of corporate customers and public institutions with its cutting edge ICT technologies that include IoT, AI, and big data. We are currently working on solutions to detect risks on the road, SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) management projects, smart factory solutions, and air quality improvement solutions to help find various solutions to solve environmental and social problems faced by government and public institutions.
In the marketing platform division, SK Planet contributes to the sustainability of our community by sharing with the community its expertise in operating Korea’s largest marketing platform such as OK CASHBAG and Syrup. SK Planet has joined hands with Small Enterprise and Market Service (SEMAS) to roll out projects to support small business in marketing solutions, and is in collaboration with government agencies and local governments to offer training programs to prospective startups to help them open up new markets using O2O platform.
In addition to these efforts, SK Planet has joined forces with SK Group and SK ICT Family to resolve social issues and create social value, as demonstrated by their joint projects such as SK Probono and SK Red Connect blood donation campaign. Moreover, SK Planet has been sincerely committed to corporate social responsibility. SK Planet’s T Academy has been at the forefront of nurturing mobile experts and supporting startup success, and the company’s practical mutual growth programs have supported the growth and success of small and medium-sized partners.
SK Planet will continue to strive for sustainability of our community by engaging in various ESG activities, always making the best of what we do best.