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SK Planet’s 11st Opens ‘Life Plus’


-  Life Plus allows customers to order everyday services such as food delivery, home visit car wash, laundry, and cleaning with their mobile devices

-  Offers a one-stop venue for today’s busy customers to order daily services, collect loyalty points, receive discount offers, and make payments
-  Built on its existing customer benefits and payment tools (Syrup Pay), 11st plans to turn Life Plus into an O2O service portal that engages diverse O2O service providers

Seoul, Korea, March 6, 2016—SK Planet announced the addition of a new category
‘Life Plus’ to 11st ( that conveniently puts together O2O (Online to Offline) services related to everyday life.

 The O2O (Online to Offline) services that 11st put together under Life Plus category include household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, car wash, and maintenance, personalized services that include made-to-measure shirt, tailor-made shoes, and in-home custom decorating, and food delivery.

 Services currently made available through Life Plus range from
 ▲delivery food (Yogiyo) order to household chores such as
 ▲home visit car wash (Car Wash King)
 ▲home cleaning (Home Master)
 ▲laundry pickup and delivery (Clean Basket)
 ▲Interior decorating (Home Latte), as well as personalized home visit services including
 ▲shoe repair (WhatShoe)
 ▲tailor-made shoes (De Amare)
 ▲made-to-measure shirt (Stripes), and premium food delivery such as
 ▲home-style meals (Round Kitchen 7)
 ▲aged steak (Gamsunggogi)
 ▲straight from the farm (Farm Fresh). Local coupons and Gifticon that can be used at different regions and merchants are also offered to shoppers.

 When placing orders through mobile devices, 11st customers can also select their preferred delivery time and location to suit their schedules. Shoppers are also entitled to the same discounts, coupons and payment tools as those shopping for tangible goods. Available payment tools include SK Planet’s Syrup Pay, a simple web-based payment service that saves shoppers the trouble of having to install a separate app or security program.

Although Life Plus first started out as service category of 11st, SK Planet plans to turn Life Plus into an O2O service portal inside 11st that attracts diverse O2O service providers

SK Planet started off by joining hands with rising startups that are top performers in each O2O service area. Going forward, the company plans to expand the scope of the services it provides, while signing up more partners.

Many service providers preparing to launch O2O services expect 11st to serve as a platform in which they can build awareness and increase visibility. 11st’s payment infrastructure, coupons, and special offers are also expected to be helpful in securing more customers.

“Products that 11st offers are not confined to tangible goods. Intangible services are also an important part of the products that we deliver to our valued customers,” said Park Sung-min, Head of SK Planet’s Platform Affiliate Team.

“We are looking forward to creating a new mobile commerce environment where consumers have convenient access to a wide range of O2O services from any device, anytime customers want.”

Meanwhile, 11st offers additional 11% discounts to T Membership members, while rewarding customers with up to 5% loyalty points for writing product reviews. Moreover, to celebrate the launch of Life Plus, 11st plans to hold ‘Life+ 50% discount coupon’ event during the month of March