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SK planet CI

SK planet CI

SK Planet’s visual Corporate Identity(CI) Represents SK Planet’s commitment to a better world and greater happiness.

Logo Mark

SK Planet selected red (SK’s corporate color) as the main logo color to convey the passionate and energetic and qualities of SK and orange to emphasize SK Planet’s commitment to happiness and customer friendly orientation. And the logo was designed with an emphasis on softness and flexibility. The visual identity is a combination of symbolic forms that suggest the uplifting and transformational qualities of a kite, a butterfly and the innovation of a satellite. The wings soaring upward are called the “wings of happiness” and they are always used in combination with the logo mark.
sk planet 로고 마크 시안

Rules of use

The logo mark is an official symbol of SK planet that represents corporate and brand image. All uses of the logo mark, therefore, shall faithfully and accurately reproduce its color, design and appearance as depicted in the Corporate Identity Manual and any modifications to it is strictly prohibited. Only those individuals properly authorized to use the logo may do so in accordance with the relevant guidelines expressed in Corporate Identity Manual.
빨간 sk planet 로고
SK Red
R : 234 G : 0 B : 44
빨간 sk planet 로고
SK Orange
R : 255 G : 128 B : 38
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