SK Planet

Personnel Management

Personnel Management

SK planet supports benefits for employees.

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Benefits Policy

SK planet provides reasonable benefits to its employees. Our benefit program operates at a reasonable and competitive level, reflecting the welfare and necessary needs for our employees to be able to maintain a stable life both at work and home, leading to greater satisfaction and boosting work morale.
  • Childcare Facility

    We run ‘SK planet Kids', our on-site
    childcare facility provided for our
    employees where they can leave
    their children in good hands in
    order to be able to concentrate on
    their work.
  • Loan Program for Employees

    We support our employees
    through the company workers’
    welfare fund to support housing
    and provide stability for
    our employees.
  • Congratulations &
    Condolences Allowance

    We share and help in times
    of happiness and sadness.
  • Vacation Policy

    We provide vacations days and
    bonuses for our employees
    to rest their minds and bodies
    and to recharge.
  • Fitness Center

    Our fitness center has an on-site
    professional trainer, a multipurpose
    gymnasium, and a variety of
    GX programs.
  • Cafeteria "Atrium"

    There is an open communication
    space for facilitating communication
    among employees in the
    company building.
  • Flexible Work Schedule Policy

    We support our employees to
    maximize their efficiency at work
    by allowing flexible work hours,
    taking into consideration your
    work and job description.