SK Planet

Professional Development

Professional Development

SK planet offers a Career Path to employees and helps them reach the highest level of professionalism for each Career Path.
We believe that achieving the company's vision of 'inspiring everyone on the planet' comes from people's competitiveness.
Therefore, our company is dedicated to talent development that allows mutual growth with our employees and fulfills our vision by providing extraordinary
support for creating professional development-based outcomes.

인사제도 사진


We offer Career Paths for each employee to grow and support a variety of in-house and off-site professional education programs to reach the highest professional level for each Career Path. In this environment, employees can voluntarily participate in the education courses to improve their job competence while also carrying out their work.
  • Competencies 분석
  • 육성방법
    • 경험 (일을 통한 육성)
    • 교육 프로그램 LIST
    • Community of Practice
    • Subjext Matter Expert
  • Career별 Development Plan


Our company is leading our organization so that each employee can grow as a professional in his/her field. We also provide
generous support to develop leaders that can grow as managers of the next generation. We provide opportunities for intensive lead
ership capability building such as mentoring, pre-leadership school programs, and so on to train leaders of the next generation.
Furthermore, we have systematic competence building programs to train managers.
  • Mentoring
  • Pre-Leadershi School
  • 팀장 Leadership School
  • Hipo Mentoring
리더십 Pipeline으로서의 차세대 리더 육성
- 팀장 후보군 육성 및 리더십 역량의 선제적 확보
- 변화 추진 Age nt 역할 수행
현장중심의 성장을 이끄는 팀장 리더십
- 입원 1:1 Mentoring을 통한 Motivation
- 집합/독서토론/온라인 등 다양한 과정을 통해 Biz 및 Peple 리더십 함양

Support Programs

We are helping to improve employee competence by running a variety of informal learning programs such as "Punch“ which shares knowledge and information of in-house and off-site professionals during lunchtime and "PlaLab" which is an autonomous study group among employees. Moreover, we also support proactive capability development through the Individual Development Plan (IDP) policy, in which employees individually set and execute their own career and self-development plans.