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Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

SK Planet implements a fair and transparent recruitment process. We look for individuals who are driven, passionate, and have the capacity to grow with us.


  1. Resume Screening
  2. Written Test (SKCT)
  3. Interview
  4. Medical Check

Our recruitment process basically include the following phases: resume screening, written test (SKCT), interview, employment package consultation, and medical check. The order and details of the recruiting and hiring processes are subject to change, depending on previous work history, recruitment type, and assessment method for each job field.


During the resume screening process, applications are comprehensively evaluated to account for applicant’s work experience and qualification to assess the suitability of a candidate for the job. The key qualifications for experienced recruits are professional expertise and work experience, whereas job suitability, capability, and growth potential are the major qualifications that we look for in new recruits. Depending on the job opening, candidates may be required to present portfolio and other additional material.


SK Competency Test (SKCT) evaluates a candidate’s cognitive ability, critical reasoning, values, and attitude to assess whether the person is fit to perform job tasks at SK. Test items may differ, depending on work experience and job field they are applying for. In the case of hiring experienced recruits, first interview is held prior to SKCT. 


Interviews are generally held two times. First interview mainly evaluates a candidate’s job expertise, while second interview assesses an applicant’s capabilities/skills, personality, and growth potential. Interview method and process may vary, and include coding test, presentation, and problem solving, depending on whether hiring new or experienced recruits, and the job field that they are applying for.


Pre-employment medical check is required to evaluate whether the candidate is physically and mentally fit enough for the job. Candidate will be offered a job only after he or she passes the assessment.