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SK Planet

Blockchain Platform

Blockchain Platform

SK Planet offers innovative services along with unique and differentiated customer experience and benefit based on blockchain technologies.

UPgrade your life with UPTN

UPTN Blockchain

Blockchain based on a scalable and complete architecture

By utilizing Avalanche’s Subnet technology, the UPTN blockchain platform ensures the highest performance and stability optimized to Web 3.0 services. UPTN aims to connect a variety of the existing Web 2.0-based services and Web 3.0-based services. UPTN, in particular, intends to create an ecosystem where Web 2.0-based services can enter the Web 3.0 market and achieve an efficient transition to Web 3.0.

  • EVM compatibility

    Allows for easier use of smart contracts built on Solidity Seamlessly interact with multiple blockchain networks with
    multi-chain wallet
  • Meta Transaction

    Lowers cost and increases usability by enabling payment for network fee
  • Fast Processing

    Ensures integrity by validating the transaction immediately within 1 sec
  • High Scalability

    Offers higher scalability to process over 6,000 transactions per sec
  • Stable and independent network

    Makes it impossible to cancel block agreements and operates independently without being influenced by Avalanche’s Mainnet
  • Seamless Transition to Web 3.0

    Provides an active support for Web 3.0 assets including NFT as well as for the transition of the existing digital assets to Web 3.0

UPTN Station

Blockchain wallet closer to your daily life
UPTN Station is a blockchain wallet that allows users to securely store and manage all NFTs and digital assets issued in the UPTN ecosystem. We offer users a simple way of generating the blockchain wallet, ensuring an easier access to the blockchain wallet service. We also enable users to manage their digital assets more conveniently, by allowing them to access all services of UPTN with a single user account. Its online community platform joined by diverse projects offers a shared space where they can interact with users. The online communities in UPTN Station enables projects to engage in airdrop and other marketing activities. UPTN Station plans to roll out new services that utilize various NFTs and digital assets through wallet integration with other blockchain mainnets.

The Onboarding

Unique and differentiated experience with maximized value of blockchain ecosystem

UPTN ecosystem offers benefits for both its users and participating businesses. Users can experience a variety of Web 3.0 services through the expansion of UPTN ecosystem. UPTN ecosystem also enables its participating businesses to generate synergy through networking and joint marketing activities while creating new value.

SK Planet’s UPTN is equipped with a competitive edge to evolve into a unique and differentiated blockchain platform. UPTN’s competitive edge is built on our know-how and experience in providing Korea’s leading Web 2.0 services including OK CASHBAG and Syrup.

  • Membership NFT service

    A new NFT-enabled membership service
  • NFT ticketing service

    Lead a sound ticketing culture based on NFT
  • Frequency service

    A special experience enabled by Web 3.0
  • Luxury goods authentication service

    NFT-based authentication service that makes counterfeit or alteration impossible