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SK Planet

Business Solution

Business Solution

Offering innovative solutions and services based on advanced technologies, SK Planet opens up new possibilities by demonstrating its technological capabilities in various areas such as IoT, media and AI.

RB Insight

Sophisticated IoT based sensor and data analysis achieved through deep learning technology
RB Insight offers reliable data management solutions by tapping into cloud-based deep learning and real-time high-volume data analysis technology based on SK Planet’s tens of billions of incidences of accumulated sensor data. Our solution automatically monitors sensors for abnormalities and provides various data analysis as well as visualization services.


World’s first and only real-time road hazard solution
RB ARHIS(RB Audio & AI-Based Road Hazard Information System) is world’s first and only solution that combines AI and audio technologies to enhance road safety. It offers a vehicle detection distance that is 100 times greater than the existing equipment, at 25% less the price. By informing traffic authorities and drivers of road hazards such as black ice and wetness, RB ARHIS can prevent road accidents by 30%. As of 2024, 900 units of RB ARHIS will be deployed in a number of countries including Korea, the United States, China, and Croatia.