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Employee Benefits Policy

Employee Benefits Policy

SK Planet offers benefits package and wellness programs to boost employee morale and motivation through higher satisfaction and improved sense of work life balance. We offer a competitive and reasonable benefits package by keeping current with industry trends.

  • Childcare Facility

    At “SK Planet Kids,” our on-site childcare center, employees can leave their children in good hands and concentrate on their work.
  • Loan Program for Employees

    We operate diverse loan programs through Employee Welfare Fund to help employees meet their housing needs and move toward financial security.
  • Refresh leave program

    By granting refresh leaves every 3 years, we celebrate long-term employees and allow them to take a break, refresh, and recharge.
  • Congratulations & Condolences Allowanc

    We congratulate our employees on their joyful events and offer condolences on their sad occasions.
  • On-Site Fitness Facility

    Our high end fitness facility has on-site professional trainers, top-of-the-line equipment, a multipurpose gymnasium for basketball and futsal, and diverse group workout programs as well as individual training classes.
  • Cafeteria “Atrium”

    Our in-house cafeteria, Atrium is known for its floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views over the Geumtocheon Stream. It is a comfortable space where employees sit together, relax, and interact with each other.
  • Flexible Work Schedule

    We support selective working hour system that allows employees autonomy to create their own schedules depending on their work and job responsibilities, with the belief that flexible working boosts employee motivation and productivity through improved work life balance.
  • Happy Friday

    Happy Friday policy allows our staff to take Fridays off once a month (for those who worked full-time hours) to increase employee morale and work engagement by allowing them to relax, recharge, and spend more time with family.
  • Benefits Program

    Employees receive benefit points that can be used to participate in self-development, cultural and sports activities.
  • Medical Coverage

    When accidental injury or illness strikes, our health plan protects employees from the financial impact of unexpected medical bills by providing assistance to them and their family members.
  • Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children

    SK Planet assists our employees with the expense of educating their children. Education benefits are available for the employee’s dependent children who attend kindergarten, K-12, and college or university. The benefits are available to an unlimited number of eligible children.
  • Vacation Facilities

    We run a wide selection of resort and vacation facilities for our employees across the nation’s popular holiday destinations. Our employees can take time to relax, refresh, and connect with their family.