inspiring everyone on the planet

SK Planet drives new innovation to explore endless possibilities,
inspiring everyone on the planet.


SK Planet’s new brand Syrup will add value to your life and present to you
the Next Commerce

생활에 달콤함을 더하다 Syrup

Business Areas

Based on its open platform,
SK Planet creates value in diverse
business areas.

  • Digital Contents

    • T store
      T store
      Launched in September 2009, T Store is the first and the largest mobile contents market in Korea with 20 million subscribers, of which 11.5 million are monthly actively users.
    • hoppin
      Launched in January 2011, hoppin is SK Planet’s N-screen offering for users who wish to have a truly unconstrained access to films, animations, local TV contents, international TV series and much more across diverse digital devices such as the smartphone, tablet and PC.
    • T cloud
      T Cloud
      T Cloud is an N-screen service for total personal contents management. Users can store, stream, download and share data regardless of the device be it smartphone, tablet or PC.
    • TikTok
      Launched in July 2011, Tictoc is a light and extremely speedy mobile instant messaging service. Combined with SK Planet’s rich content offerings Tictoc is more than just a simple messenger that can substitute for the typical SMS.
    • NATE
      NATE is a trend-leading portal that has a diversified service offering accessible by both personal computers and mobile devices.
    • NateOn
      NateOn is the total communication channel that supports seamless data exchange and efficient management of messages across online and mobile.
    • Cymera
      Cymera is an extremely easy to use all-in-one camera app developed by SK Planet. It supports automatic face recognition that makes it especially optimized for taking portraits.
    Digital Content
    SK Planet offers the users a uniquely
    mobile-friendly access to contents,
    cloud and social services.
  • Integrated Commerce

    • Syrup
      SK Planet’s leading mobile wallet service Smart Wallet is reborn as Syrup. As a service that aims at delivering the right benefit and information to the right customer, Syrup will constantly evolve and expand itself to deliver value like no other.
    • Syrup gifticon
      Syrup gifticon
      Gifticon is Korea’s first mobile voucher service launched in 2006. SK Planet’s strengths in alliance marketing and mobile business capabilities have come together to present this unique value offering.
    • Syrup Store
      Syrup Store
      Syrup Store is an intelligent mobile marketing service launched in June 2014. As Syrup’s most innovative solution, Syrup Store is designed to allow local merchants to maximize profits.
    • OK Cashbag by Syrup
      OK Cashbag by Syrup
      OK Cashbag is Korea’s first integrated loyalty points program that allows members to collect and redeem points. It is also the largest of its kind in the country with over 50,000 participating merchants and 37 million members.
    • 11st
      SK Planet has three major retail channels: 11st, Town 11st and 11st in English. 11st is an open marketplace for connecting sellers directly to consumers. Town 11st is an open market specifically for trading in intangible goods and services.
    • paypin
      Paypin is a super-easy payment service that works on both mobile and online devices. Users just need to store their credit card and/or mobile payment information on the paypin app and transactions thereafter can be processed securely simply by keying in the password.
      BENEPIA is a consultancy provider to companies that need customized support for evaluating and designing their benefits program. BENEPIA has a wealth of experience, technologies and know-how from managing benefits programs for over 330 public and for-profit organizations.
    • T Map
      T Map
      T Map is the unparalleled GPS navigation service that supports numerous powerful features in addition to route guidance.
    • table
      Syrup Table is a location-based restaurant discovery service that helps savvy diners decide where to eat out next. It aggregates reviews and restaurants from sources diners trust, including friends, restaurant critics, other users and influencers in the industry.
    • NaviCall
      NaviCall is a taxi booking service operated by a central control system equipped with state-of-the-art GPS location tracking technology. Customers are assured safety and high level of service, while the taxi operator can enjoy revenue growth.
    • gtrac
      Gtrac is a provider of real-time fleet management and control service. It monitors vehicle location and operation status, sends alarms when problems are detected, keeps operations statistics and produces reports utilizing integrated control terminals and centralized control tower.
    Integrated Commerce
    Based on its integrated commerce platform,
    SK Planet provides consumers with a
    smarter way to shop and businesses with a
    powerful integrated marketing solution.
  • Marketing Communication

    • Communication Planning
      Communication Planning
      SK Planet differentiates itself from peers by introducing the CP(Communication Planner) system, which is much broader in perspective than the typical AE(Account Executive) system.
    • Creative
      SK Planet has some of the finest creative directors in the industry whose outstanding works have earned them numerous prestigious awards. They generate original ideas that lead to greater value and deliver creative solutions that meet the vision of our clients and their brands.
    • Media Planning & Buying
      Media Planning & Buying
      SK Planet utilizes CAM™(Contact Analysis & Maximization), a proprietary consumer touch point model, to make an integrated assessment of all brand experience interfaces and use the results for systematic media planning.
    • Promotion
      SK Planet identifies fast moving trends to deliver a novel brand experience to consumers at both online and offline touch points.
    • T Ad
      T Ad
      T Ad is a mobile network ad platform that enables advertising on the mobile web as well as all mobile OS-based apps.
    • Digital out of Home
      Digital out of Home
      SK Planet develops and leverages unique interactive media based on motion interactive features, which are different from the typical touch-based media. Our clients can choose from a slew of templates for presenting logos and marketing slogans to brand their interactive ads.
    • Industry & Consumer Analysis
      Industry & Consumer Analysis
      Fully aware of how critical it is to understand the market and the consumer, SK Planet conducts communication trend studies the results of which are leveraged for better communication.
    • Tillion
      Tillion is an interactive research platform in which 500,000 members exchange questions and answers via the web and the mobile app. Optimized for both the web and app environment, it provides reliable data just when it’s most needed.
    • Consulting
      SK Planet conducts qualitative observations and quantitative consumer acceptance analysis to develop new concepts for products and services as well as to transform existing offerings.
    Marketing Communication
    SK Planet utilizes its data analysis and
    creative capabilities to draw customer
    and market insights and create
    innovative marketing communication.

Core Values HUG

Human, Unique, and Global (‘HUG’)
are core values of SK Planet.
‘HUG’ stands for connecting and
communicating with the world.
With these core values in mind,
SK Planet is committed to
innovating and challenging itself
to turn endless possibilities into

    SK Planet places the top priority on the
    customers and business partners.
  • Unique
    SK Planet promotes innovation in the
    platform business to offer unique
    products and services.
  • Global
    SK Planet is poised at developing
    into a truly global organization that delivers happiness to a greater number of people.

HUG Innovation

With emphasis on the
understanding of humans and
technologies, SK Planet
promotes the growth of the
Korean platform market.
SK Planet envisions a future
where everyone can unleash
their full potential on a level
playing field.

  • Open Collaboration
    Open Collaboration
    SK Planet develops capabilities, builds
    trust, and drives open innovation
    through T Academy and Kstartup
    program, which will then lead to
    creative coexistance with all.
  • Research & Development
    SK Planet reinforces its competitiveness
    as a global service platform provider,
    through in-house development of core
  • Planet X
    Planet X
    Through its unique internal venture
    program named Planet X, SK Planet
    discovers and nurtures competent
    intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs within the
    company) while encouraging employees to come forward with
    their ideas.