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KTO and SK Planet Award Winners of the 2013 Smart Tourism App Contest 2013-11-18 Hits2149
- Winners announced for the 2013 Smart Tourism App Contest aimed at promoting the use of tourism-related
   information and fostering the development community

- Ten apps selected as winners, including ‘Journey to Places in Textbooks’ for Grand Prize and Leports Korea
   for Gold Prize  

- Development based on Tour API of Korea’s largest multi-language tourism information service and
  SK Planet’s open platforms T Map, 11st and T Ad

Seoul, Korea, November 18, 2013Korea Tourism Organization (KTO, and SK Planet
 (CEO: Jinwoo So, will host the 2013 Smart Tourism App Contest Award Ceremony today at
the TIC Hall. The open platform contest was jointly organized by the two partners to encourage the use of tourism
information and to nurture the growth of the developer community.
A total of 132 submissions were accepted in July and screened three times, with fewer successful entries
surviving each phase. The contest ended with ten finalists winning prizes. The Grand Prize went to the
Digital Contents Research Group composed of school teachers who developed the app ‘Journey to Places
in Textbooks.’ This special app recommends sites to visit for interesting learning experiences and provides
information using augmented reality. The Gold Prize is awarded to WideNetEngineering for their app, Leports
Korea, which introduces various leisure and sports activities and where people can enjoy them in Korea.
It also offers information about other tourist attractions nearby.

The Silver Prize winner was Yestudio founded by Choi Won-man (aged 38), a graduate of the T Academy
Expert Training Program, for the app Write Now. The Heemang App Course co-organized by Seoul City and
SK Planet also produced a winning team of graduates, Lee Jeong-jae (19) and Kim Hyeong-bin (23), who
developed the app Around Seoul.  

The winners have utilized Tour API 2.0, an open multi-language service developed by Korea Tourism
Organization with more than 50,000 entries containing information about tourism in Korea. In addition to the
API, other open platform resources such as SK Planet’s T Map, 11st, T Ad and T Cloud were used in
the development.

Kim Young-ho, Executive Vice President of KTO noted, “This contest has led to the development of apps that
combine elements of the education, entertainment and cultural industries with tourism. Each will help raise
the demand for local tourism which will ultimately contribute to job creation and entrepreneurship.”

SK Planet CFO Kim Young-chul said, “This year’s Smart Tourism App Contest has led to the development
of several useful apps based on the SK Planet’s open platform and information about tourism across the
country.” Then he added, “We will continue to foster partnership and shared growth by supporting developers
and their start-up activities.”   

The apps submitted by contestants will be published via T Store, Apple App Store and Google Play by the
end of November. SK Planet and KTO will offer the winners the opportunity to participate in various programs
aimed at fostering the development community and venture start-up.
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