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SK Planet Launches Cloud Streaming Services for TV 2013-11-28 Hits2765
-  Launched cloud streaming services designed for TV, providing high-quality services optimized
   for the TV screen

-  Magazine, Gallery, AR Fairy Tale, Kids Game and Tarot Cards available for free to subscribers
   of Btv Cloud Streaming IPTV pilot service  

Seoul, Korea, November 28, 2013—SK Planet today announced the launch of cloud streaming services
designed specifically for TV.
Cloud streaming is a proprietary technology developed by SK Planet. This virtualization solution allows
some of the key functions such as running the program and configuring the user interface to be performed
on the cloud server, after which the screen images are transmitted real-time to the TV set-top box.
Cloud streaming solution has many advantages. It can support both IPTV and digital cable TV. More
importantly, it is capable of moving large content data from the cloud server to the set-top box through
broadband or digital cable network, and does so quickly and reliably. Whether it is broadcast material,
game, magazine, photo or video, cloud streaming can deliver high-quality contents and services in
a manner optimized for the TV without having to change the set-top box.
SK Planet is the first provider in Korea to launch a cloud streaming service optimized for TV. With such
innovation the viewers will finally be able to enjoy what cloud streaming has to offer on the TV.
A line-up of very attractive services is available. TV Magazine is a culinary, travel and interior design magazine
with UI designed to fit the TV screen. Viewers can enjoy high-quality photos, interesting contents and music
at the same time. TV Gallery is for those who wish to get a better view of photos and videos stored in their
smart devices on the larger TV screen. A very interesting offering is the AR Fairy Tale. To enjoy this service the
user must hold his/her augmented reality-enabled smart device towards the TV and the video saved in the
device is rendered three-dimensional on the TV screen. The much younger generation will love Kids Game,
featuring popular animation characters like Cocomong and Gomsee. For those who believe in destiny can
look into his fortune with Flash-based Tarot cards.
The cloud streaming service is currently provided for free to customers who have subscribed to SK Broadband’s
Btv Cloud Streaming IPTV pilot service. SK Planet plans to expand the range of offerings and target viewers over time.
“Cloud streaming solution is a technology that enables the IPTV service provider to utilize the existing set-top
boxes to deliver real-time TV, N-screen, game and a slew of services linked to mobile and do so quickly and
conveniently,” said Lee Sung-ho, Head of CPO Strategies at SK Planet. “We will continue to partner with TV
service providers home and abroad to make excellent contents and services available.”
Since June, SK Planet has piloted IPTV services using cloud streaming solution on SK Broadband’s Btv.
In the coming year, it will be partnering with CJ HelloVision to provide digital TV services based on cloud
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