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SK Planet Launches Syrup Style that Features 250 Fashion Shops


- Brings to mobile shoppers an enticing selection of apparel and accessories from fashion shops located in Hongdae, Garosu Street, and Dongdaemun
- Simultaneously rolls out Syrup Style in Korea and China, and provides diverse support services including free-of- charge production of product-related content and international fulfillment services
- Customers can benefit by purchasing chic, trendy clothing at better value, while merchants can open up mobile sales channel and tap into the Chinese market
 Seoul, Korea, August 11, 2016—SK Planet today announced the simultaneous launch of Syrup Style in Korea and China.

 The company has joined hands with over 250 fashion shops across the nation to bring an enticing selection of apparel and accessories to mobile shoppers.
 Syrup Style features fashion shops such as ‘Cherry Koko,’ ‘Stay People,’ and ‘Doota’ located in ten major commercial districts in Korea including Hongdae, Garosu Street, and Dongdaemun. It allows merchants to upload a wide selection of products such as clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories in real-time and assists merchants by assuming order fulfillment and shipping processes.

Syrup Style users can enjoy the convenience of shopping for latest, chic products of trendy fashion shops across the nation on their mobile devices, purchase items at better value thanks to discounts offered by Syrup Style, and enjoy expert merchandiser’s recommendations that come in handy when making purchasing decisions.

Moreover, by linking its services with Syrup Wallet that has 14 million subscribers, Syrup Style will offer discount coupons and send out special offers, events, and new product information to target customers.

In addition, in order to make the service available to Chinese customers in mainland, Syrup Style also rolled out its Chinese-language version, enabling Chinese users to purchase chic, trendy apparel and accessories on mobile devices and receive shipment. Sellers in Korea that signed up for selling to China’s market will also enjoy access to diverse support services including free-of-charge production of product-related content and international fulfillment and shipping services, which will help merchants tap into the Chinese market.

SK Planet has offered fashion-related services since 2013 and strengthened its capabilities in the fashion field by utilizing big data and user experience analysis, while at the same time solidifying its leadership in the mobile commerce industry with its leading O2O services in different categories, such as Syrup Wallet and Syrup Table.

SK Planet plans to link Syrup Style with 11st to increase shopping accessibility, create synergies with Syrup Wallet to bolster customer benefits, and strengthen service capabilities of Syrup Membership Fashion that mostly offers brand-name products, with the aim of helping Korea’s fashion market go mobile.

Kim Yong-hun, Head of SK Planet’s Project Office 2 explained, “Building on our experience in providing O2O commerce services, SK Planet has rolled out the official public version of Syrup Style that were available in beta versions.” Commenting on the company’s plans for the future, Kim further emphasized, “We will create synergies with leading services
 in different categories such as 11st and Syrup Wallet to deliver a unique shopping experience and strive to develop into a service that is a win-win for all our partnering merchants.”

Meanwhile, to celebrate the official launch of Syrup Style, SK Planet will hold a special promotional event until August 31st and offer discount coupons and free shipping on all products purchased. Syrup Style is available for download on One Store, Google Play, and Apple’s App Store.