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Point-based Marketing Platform

The No.1 integrated loyalty points program delivering the ultimate benefit

SK Planet offers a compelling marketing program based on OK Cashbag, the largest integrated loyalty points program in Korea, which is being used by over 60% of the Koreans. OK Cashbag provides the industry’s best loyalty points service for both consumers and sellers, by leveraging its differentiated competitiveness that is built on more than 15 years of operational know-how and 44,000 participating merchants. OK Cashbag will evolve into the world’s most innovative point-based marketing platform, by actively attempting new ideas such as seeking to serve as an electronic currency, moving beyond just a loyalty points service.

OK Cashbag

OK Cashbag is Korea’s first and largest integrated loyalty points program, with over 44,000 participating merchants and 34.6 million members. Launched in Korea in 1999, OK Cashbag allows consumers to collect and redeem loyalty points at a wide range of partnering stores. It has also partnered with many of Korea’s leading companies, providing them all with differentiated marketing services. As the industry’s first smartphone application offering loyalty points service, the OK Cashbag application enables users to earn, use, track, combine, gift, share, and purchase loyalty points all conveniently via their smartphone. With mobile access to the loyalty program, customers can benefit from more diverse offers such as ‘OK Cashbag Lock Reward’ service that gives participating users rewards points every time they unlock their smartphone, and a special loyalty point offering which awards extra loyalty points to the shoppers who make purchases at specific partnering stores.