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A distinctive platform that is creating a new future for shopping

SK Planet’s online marketplace platforms offer the most advanced services for both online and mobile shoppers and sellers. Using our operational know-how in unique e-commerce platforms, we have established an optimal commerce environment that offers diverse products, convenient interfaces, leading benefits, and 24-hour customer service centers. This gives consumers and merchants the ability to enjoy shopping and conduct businesses conveniently anywhere and at any time. SK Planet continues to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience with its innovative e-commerce platforms in global markets. Its offerings in Korea include the online marketplace 11st, curated commerce platform Shockingdeal by 11st, and the customized benefits and rewards service platform BENEPIA. SK Planet’s online e-commerce marketplaces in Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are also delightfully surprising customers with its new level of services optimized for each market.


11st is an online marketplace where not only individuals and small merchants but big brand names, department stores, and even supermarket chains also freely interact and engage in commercial transactions. 11st provides customers online and mobile access to quality products at affordable prices, with assurance that all transactions will be carried out in a secure manner. Trading on 11st is a win-win for both buyers and sellers, as customers can use loyalty points and diverse coupons to pay for goods, while sellers can reach over 23 million potential customers with their 48 million products and services. Furthermore, 11st has been recognized as a credible online marketplace for its 24-hour customer service center, Seller Authentication System, and four-phase Purchase Protection System that consists of anti-counterfeit policy, lowest price guarantee program, late delivery compensation, and customer error compensation. What’s more is that SK Planet also offers English and Chinese versions of 11st, serving customers in almost 100 countries around the world.


SK Planet’s online marketplace ‘’ gained great popularity among Turkish users with its differentiated services and programs. On top of its more than 2 million flagship products, numerous coupons, and customer loyalty programs, it also operates a 24-hour customer service center. Furthermore, it provides a variety of seller-oriented programs aimed at increasing their competitiveness and sales. Thanks to these efforts, became the No.1 online shopping mall in Turkey in terms of yearly transaction volume, in just three years after launch. plans to establish a mutually beneficial e-commerce ecosystem which is a win-win proposition for all those involved — the marketplace operator, consumers, and participating merchants, ultimately bringing about a new online shopping experience in Turkey.

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Taking into account of consumer usage patterns in Indonesia, SK Planet’s Indonesian online marketplace named elevenia allows users to shop anywhere and anytime through both online and mobile channels. Moreover, under partnership with a local mobile network operator, elevenia has created an optimal environment to deliver an online/mobile integrated shopping experience. For example, customers are rewarded with free mobile data while they shop through the elevenia mobile app. Elevenia will create a more advanced e-commerce ecosystem in the Indonesian market by fully drawing on SK Planet’s proven know-how of operating online marketplaces in Korea and Turkey.

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SK Planet’s Malaysian online marketplace 11street has created a new paradigm in the online marketplace service by operating a 24-hour customer service center while also providing competitive programs to support sellers. The programs designed for sellers include training and consulting related to online marketplace operations as well as assistance with taking of their product photos. Moreover, 11street’s mobile app has been rolled out at the same with its online marketplace service, which allows users to enjoy shopping conveniently via both online and mobile channels. 11street will offer e-commerce services optimized for the Malaysian market by utilizing SK Planet’s extensive know-how in operating the Korean, Turkish and Indonesian online marketplaces, while also closely cooperating with the local service providers.

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11street in Thailand is 11st’s fourth overseas expansion. Based on its mobile-optimized content, the online marketplace delivers rich shopping experience and unique e-commerce services in Thailand. Its mobile-oriented service offerings include ‘360-Degree View’ that enables shoppers to rotate product images 360 degrees to get a thorough detail of the products even on small mobile screens and ‘Mobile Seller Office’ which gives merchants the ability to check order status and payment history on mobile devices for the first time in Thailand’s e-commerce industry. 11street’s extensive operational know-how will be transferred to Thai market as 11street aims for market leadership in the Thai e-commerce market brimming with robust growth potential.

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Shockingdeal by 11st is a curated commerce platform that satisfies the shopping needs of individual customers by utilizing proven capabilities of the mobile marketplace leader 11st. Since its launch in January 2014, Shockingdeal by 11st, built on SK Planet’s own technologies and diverse benefits, has posted strong and stable growth in transaction value, number of purchasing members, and participating merchants. Such growth momentum has been backed by tailored product recommendations, large volume sales through limited-time deals, and personalized shopping environment. Shockingdeal by 11st will continue to deliver a unique and distinctive shopping experience and stand at the forefront of rapidly growing mobile commerce market.


BENEPIA is a consultancy provider to companies in need of customized support for operating flexible benefit plans and welfare point programs. With a wealth of experience, technologies, and know-how from managing benefit programs for over 500 public and for-profit organizations, BENEPIA is unique among its peers for linking its services with OK Cashbag merchants and partnering with online marketplaces to ensure diversity of its offers. BENEPIA has also established a full set of security capabilities by operating its own Internet data center and an information security management system that complies with internationally recognized data security standards. BENEPIA is constantly growing as it creates new offers by utilizing the strengths of the SK Group’s various businesses. Today, BENEPIA is committed to delivering welfare services that fulfill the needs of both companies and their employees.