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O2O Commerce

Customized e-commerce solutions that add value to life

SK Planet’s innovative Vertical Commerce services deliver one of a kind commerce experiences that are tailored perfectly to customer’s needs and expectations. SK Planet closely links online marketplace11st with OK Cashbag, Syrup Wallet and other marketing platforms, and delivers truly distinctive O2O offerings in the fields of food and beverages as well as fashion, while creating innovative business models in the e-commerce industry. Consumers can enjoy the smartest commerce experience available, as personalized services based on data which is closely linked to consumer’s daily lives, minimize time and energy spent while maximizing customer benefits.

Syrup Gifticon

Launched in 2006, Gifticon is Korea’s first mobile voucher service and is known outside of Korea as a sophisticated mobile commerce model. Among peers, Gifticon has a definite advantage in terms of the diversity of partners and products it carries. What’s more is that Gifticon has introduced an online gift exchange and delivery service, and has partnered with many different social network services. Building on this, Gifticon has become many people’s favorite mobile commerce service that is very close to the everyday lives of the consumers. Gifticon also serves as a mobile marketing hub that supports our partnering merchants’ diverse marketing activities, such as the promotion of new products and free giveaways.

Syrup Table

Syrup Table is a dining out service that covers just about every step of the eating out experience. Syrup Table service which works with GPS, finds restaurants close to users, and offers services such as restaurant reservation, pre-order pickup, delivery, and dining coupons. It also gives savvy diners easy access to real reviews from friends, experts as well as other users, while allowing users to document, archive and share their own dining experiences with others. The service also serves as an integrated loyalty program that helps diners save on the cost of dining out by offering newest and hot test deals and discounts. Syrup Table plans to further evolve as a marketing platform that generates additional revenue streams for food and beverage business owners by serving as a channel through which they can launch targeted promotions and communicate with customers.

Syrup Order

Syrup Order is a mobile pre-ordering service that allows users to find near by partnering stores, place orders, and make payments directly from their smartphones before they arrive at the store. When the order is ready, Syrup Order sends users a pickup notification, giving customers the ability to immediately pick up their order without having to wait in line. Not only does Syrup Order empower customers to make efficient use of their time, but for partnering merchants, it serves as a mobile store, a powerful marketing tool that attracts new customers and boosts sales. Since its launch in 2014, Syrup Order has expanded the list of its partners to over 5,000 food and beverage outlets. Far from being complacent, Syrup Order continues to expand its partnership and increase the reach of its services to a more diversified portfolio of food and beverage brands.

Syrup Style

As an on/offline shopping platform, Syrup Style allows customers to view and purchase trendy fashion items offered by the most trendy fashion shops on their mobile devices conveniently anywhere and anytime. Syrup Store also offers customers information on their favorite fashion retailors, including discount coupons, and news about the latest fashion trends. At the same time, Syrup Store is an efficient marketing solution for partnering offline merchants to promote their fashion products conveniently via mobile devices. With Syrup Style that delivers truly unconstrained mobile shopping experience, SK Planet will continue to offer leading-edge fashion shopping services.