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Data-driven advertising and marketing solutions deliver a whole new experience

SK Planet delivers total communication solutions that innovate the existing advertising paradigm through its scientific and systematic approaches. Large amounts of data collected through SK Planet’s powerful Marketing Platform and Commerce Platform including Syrup Wallet, OK Cashbag and 11st allows us to create and transmit communication that is intelligently tailored to customer needs. A powerful new addition, MTC(Micro Targeting Communication) is expected to become one of the most attractive solutions in the digital age that greatly values efficiency, as it maximizes consumer responses by crafting targeted messaging and content that is personalized to consumer’s specific needs. By offering a winning combination of such distinct advertising solutions to our valued clients, we are delivering creative business value beyond just advertising.
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SK Planet’s team of communication planners, creative directors, brand consultants, and experts in promotions and interactive communication collaborates closely to plan optimal communication initiatives. SK Planet also utilizes commerce platforms owned by the company, including Syrup Wallet, OK Cashbag, and 11st to implement integrated campaign solutions designed to deliver new business value that goes beyond advertising.

SK Holdings’ Social Enterprise Campaign: ‘Gurume,’ a new idea of sharing happiness
여NA: SK의 새로운 생각
종옥: 저, 배종옥도 함께합니다
자막: 역사적 가치를 지닌 고택들이 사라져간다
어떻게 하면 전통문화를 보존할 수 있을까?
자막: 아! 전통 리조트를 만들자
여NA: 고택을 리조트로 만들면 사람들이 즐겨 찾고 우리 전통문화도 보존하게 되는 사회적 기업 구름에
종옥: 참 좋다
여NA: 사회적 기업 행복을 나누는 SK의 새로운 생각입니다
자막: OK! SK
  • SK Holdings’ Social Enterprise Campaign: ‘Gurume,’ a new idea of sharing happiness

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SK Planet has some of the finest creative directors in the industry, many of whose outstanding work has earned them a number of prestigious awards. They generate original ideas which lead to greater value and deliver creative solutions that meet the vision of our clients and their brands. SK Planet’s goal is to break away from the conventional advertising mold so it can pursue more flexible thinking and develop dynamic communications that pleasantly surprise clients and consumers alike.

  • Lee Gwang Su Senior Vice President
  • Yoon Sung Ah ECD
  • Huh Kil Ryang CD
  • Lee Eun Jung CD
  • Won Jun Yeon CD
  • Bang Yun Soo CD
  • Yoo Mi Young CD
  • Park Jong Wook CD
  • Kim Moo Jin CD
  • Choi Jae Won CD
  • WORKING Kim Hwee Jung CD

CAM Contact Analysis & Maximization

SK Planet utilizes a proprietary consumer touch point model called CAM™ (Contact Analysis & Maximization) to guarantee an integrated assessment of all brand experience interfaces. SK Planet can then use the results for systematic media planning. By diagnosing consumers' actual brand awareness, while shifting communication strategies away from a traditional focus on the media and more towards one concentrating on the consumer, SK Planet has been able to translate this into real benefits in terms of greater marketing effectiveness.

SK Planet reflects rapidly changing trends, and approaches brand experience from diverse aspects that encompass promotions, events, atmospheric marketing, and public relations in order to deliver a novel brand experience to consumers at both online and offline touch points. SK Planet has proven its distinct competitive advantage in a wide range of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) activities such as brand launching events, exhibition centers, motor shows, and concerts. We have also shown our powerful planning and execution in the promotion of public projects. Our successful track record of running such campaigns includes the marketing of countries, cities, expos, local festivals, and sports events. To this day, we continue to open people’s eyes and capture their imagination like nobody else can.

  • The 2014
    Sochi Winter Olympics ‘Team Korea House’

  • Lotte World Mall
    ‘Media Chandelier’

  • Audi
    ‘A3 Sportback e-tron Test Drive’ Project

  • Baekje Cultural Festival Association The 60th Baekje Cultural Festival: ‘Projection Mapping Show’


SK Planet always takes a fresh, innovative approach to establishing interactive communication strategies optimized for the digital media, which translates into powerful branding and viral effects. The development of content that reflect digital trends, together with the winning combination of paid-owned-earned media allows SK Planet to deliver sophisticated targeting system that further enhances the efficiency of digital communication. ‘Paid’ media includes traditional advertising and ‘owned’ media consists of channels owned by the company such as websites and SNS, while ‘earned’ media involves publicity and viral content. With a strong focus on developing digital platforms that draw on cutting edge ICT and media technology, the company is able to deliver an entirely new marketing value chain. This, in turn, gives SK Planet the opportunity to generate meaningful market insights by processing data acquired through the platforms so that it can continue to play a leading role in further developing interactive communication initiatives.

SK Planet has developed the company’s own customer segmentation technique of Dynamic Segmentation based on an effective combination of cutting edge technologies such as geo-fencing and information on consumer behavior and interest extracted from its large amounts of data by utilizing sophisticated data analytics. The new technique allows us to identify the best target audience for a specific brand or product, and develop tailored messages and creative content which is later delivered through mobile-based personalized media. MTC is SK Planet’s new concept of marketing communication that guarantees higher levels of responses and efficiency which are hard to get from traditional advertising tools.


Tillion is a survey platform that guarantees speed by allowing users to get survey results from 3,000 respondents within just an hour after the start of the survey. Tillion also enables users to conduct different types of surveys with highly credible data, including a wide range of sample surveys and in-depth surveys targeting specific groups of people. This, in turn, allows users to generate deep, accurate consumer insights and develop marketing strategies. Using its know-how in operating Korea’s No.1 panel service, Tillion serves as a stable platform optimized for diverse web and application environment. Tillion is also an advanced survey system that converts survey data into highly reliable Consumer Intelligence at an affordable price.