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SK Planet provides its employees with reasonable benefits.

SK Planet reflects our employees’ needs to our benefits system and operates it reasonably and
competitively, for stability in their career and family, and satisfaction.

  • An on-site daycare center
    We assure our employees that their children are being well cared for,
    and help them better concentrate on their work.
  • Internal loan program
    We operate diverse financial assistance programs to help employees gain access to
    stable housing and improve their living conditions.
  • Financial support for congratulations and condolences
    We congratulate our employees on their joyful events and offer
    condolences on their sad occasions.
  • Refresh leave program
    We help employees take a break and refresh themselves, by granting refresh leaves and
    vacation expenses based on their length of service at SK Planet.
  • On-site gym facility
    We operate an on-site fitness center that has dedicated trainers,
    a multi-purpose gymnasium and diverse GX programs.
  • Cafeteria 'Atrium'
    As our in-house cafeteria, Atrium offers comfortable environment for
    employees to have open communication with each other.
  • Flexible working time scheme
    We allow our employees to adjust their working time in a flexible manner, depending on their
    job groups and responsibilities. This ultimately promotes employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Open Communication Festival
    Open Communication Festival is a monthly event that is aimed at promoting
    open communication and information sharing between the senior management and the employees.
  • Support for MBA/Global Workforce
    We provide employees with an opportunity to receive MBA training in the local or global business
    schools so that they can gain new knowledge and insights into the global market trends.
    We also operate a Global Workforce program in our key overseas business sites.
  • In-house language programs
    We offer a variety of foreign language classes at different time slots between the morning and the
    evening. Employees can learn the language they want to learn at the time when they are available.
  • Da Vinci Forum
    At the Da Vinci Forum, we invite new guest speakers every month to give a lecture on diverse topics.
    This forum helps our employees enhance their global insights.
    PUNCH is a lunch seminar, where our in-house experts share their knowledge and experience
    in their own fields of expertise with other employees.
  • Support for other types of trainings
    We offer support for the internal study groups that are formed voluntarily among the employees.
    We also subsidize the individual employees who attend classes outside the company.