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CareersWho we look for

Who we look for

SK Planet is looking for ‘The Savvy Frontiers!’

A savvy frontier is a professional in his/her field, armed with Boldness and unwavering will.

  • Platform Savvy
    Platform Savvy
    We are looking for platform-savvy frontiers with curious and creative minds to study and understand various forms of platforms in existence.
  • Globality
    The ultimate goal of SK Planet is to extend its global reach. In order to provide services that will lead the global market, our people should not confine their thinking and experience to the limited domestic environment. No matter what we do, all focus should be on the global environment.
  • Venture Spirit
    Venture Spirit
    In today’s society often described as ‘Borderless Competition in the Age of Global Markets,’ nothing comes easy. No matter how excellent an idea is, it only comes to the light of this world after countless frustrations and failures. Our people must be adventurous enough to overcome all obstacles and difficulties ahead.
  • Openness
    SK Planet promote communication among the members. Our employees should form a close and cooperative relationships with our customers and various stakeholders. Such relationships are not just for profit sharing ? it is a Win-Win relationship that aims to promote togetherness to survive the global stage.
  • Customer Centric Creativit
    Customer Centric Creativity
    SK Planet always puts its customers first and is trying to meet customer’s needs. To do so, SK Planet is always looking through the eyes of the customers. Customers are SK Planet’s number one priority.