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Development Policy

SK Planet offers a career path to each employee, and provides support enabling employees to reach the best professional level on each of their career path.

SK Planet believes that the key to achieving our corporate vision, ‘inspiring everyone on the planet’, lies in the competitiveness of our people. Based on such perspective, we claim to be the academy of people development through extraordinary support for employee training. Thus, we simultaneously seek each employee’s improvement of competencies in the market and, thus, the growth of the company.

Expert development program

SK Planet offers a career path to each employee and provides various internal and external education programs that enable employees to reach the most professional level on each of their career path. Our employees are given the chance to participate in educational trainings needed for improvement of their own expertise freely.

Professional development programs through the analysis of the relevant experience in the field of Compntencies, educational programs, Community of practice, subject matter Expert available to the members and aims to support.

Our program of developing outstanding employees

We provide extraordinary opportunities for development of outstanding employees. Annually, from our pool of Junior employees, we select outstanding employees and provide them with MBA programs in Korea and overseas. Also, we are operating a long-term Intensive Language Program of more than 8 weeks and the Global workforce program for 1 year to train global personnel.

Good human resource development program GLOBAL GLOBAL personnel training system is based on talent development system that allows for the Global Platform Global Business outgoing aims to foster professional staff Warriors language courses, foreign language Intensive program, Global MBA programs and a standing army Global System is enabled.

Leader Development Program

SK Planet aims to grow each of our employees into a specialist in their own field of expertise. We are also committed to systematically nurturing the employees who will develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Our Mentoring and Pre-Leadership School programs help the potential leaders prepare themselves for the future and intensively upgrade their leadership qualities. SK Planet implements other diverse capability enhancement programs as well to foster our future leaders.

Leadership Pipeline as the next generation of leaders foster change, promoting Role Agent, Global Field experience obtained through a Global Perspective, Global level of expertise in order to enhance Biz Mentoring, Pre-Leadership School, Frontier Group, Global Insight Discovery (Exploring Global Research) programs empowerment has a variety of programs.