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SK Planet Supports Small Businesses to Go Global Through Its E-Commerce Platform 2016-01-25 Hits30519
- Has supported around 250 small and medium enterprises to tap into global markets through its e-commerce platform
- A Korean cosmetics brand saw its sales jump five times thanks to SK Planet’s delivery, marketing, and advertising support
- Will continue to support diverse marketing activities to help SMEs take their businesses into international markets

Seoul, Korea, January 25, 2015—SK Planet laid the foundation for small and medium-sized enterprises to take their
business to international markets. SK Planet said that it has supported around 250 small and medium enterprises
to tap into global markets through its e-commerce platform 11st in the second half of last year, as part of a collaboration
initiative with Large and Small Business Cooperation Foundation.

The company ran Korean zone on the e-commerce website in each market, namely, ‘Korean Avenue’ on Indonesia’s elevenia,
‘Korean Street’ on Malaysia’s 11Street, along with ‘International Shipping’ on English 11st. By providing the needed platform,
SK Planet is enabling Korean SMEs to sell their products in overseas markets with much ease.

SK Planet joined hands with the state-run Small and Medium Business Administration and the Large and Small Business
Cooperation Foundation for the initiative to support smaller businesses tap into global markets and boost collaboration
with SMEs that are crucial partners in the e-commerce business. SK Planet is the only firm that runs special zone in
e-commerce marketplace to support the sales of Korean SME products.

Aiming to eliminate barriers to global markets, SK Planet also offered international delivery services for small businesses,
utilizing the firm’s local distribution centers. When receiving international orders, small businesses only have to deliver
the orders to 11st distribution centers and 11st takes care of the rest of the delivery.

SK Planet also helped the SMEs in translation, social media marketing and online advertising to secure global sales.
Korean cosmetics brand RiRe is now garnering popularity in Indonesia and driving sales in the Korean zone.
RiRe’s exclusive distributor Indaco  which initially faced difficulties in entering the Indonesian market saw its sales jump
five times thanks to SK Planet’s delivery and marketing support.

“The support programs will serve as an exemplary model that promotes cooperation between big companies and
SMEs in entering global markets,” said Han Yun-jae, SK Planet’s Head of Corporate Cooperation Office. “Going forward,
SK Planet will continue to take its e-commerce platform to global markets and make further growth as a global commerce company.
At the same time, SK Planet will continue to support SMEs tap into international markets.” 

Meanwhile, based on the extensive operational know-how of 11st, SK Planet has launched e-commerce businesses in Malaysia,
Indonesia, as well as Turkey. Last year, SK Planet also opened 11st’s Chinese website, while announcing its entry into Thailand.

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