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Research & Development

SK Planet is committed to developing integrated data utilization technologies.

  • Big data-driven analysis technologies for personalized services
    Building on its integrated data utilization capabilities, SK Planet offers Korea’s best personalized commerce services on a real time basis. For example, our personalized recommendation service provides user-tailored content recommendation, by using a real time analysis of the consumer reviews collected from our diverse on/offline channels while keeping the anonymity of the reviewers. We are also developing a variety of customized recommendation and targeting features that make marketing efforts more effective. Furthermore, SK Planet established a big data cluster that allows for real-time analysis of massive data, by employing Hadoop, a leading big data processing technology, and its related components. Our data analysts can directly utilize this big data cluster through Hive, a data processing solution built on Hadoop. The data analysts are in charge of transforming the log data generated from SK Planet’s numerous services into useful information. Building on these capabilities, we have launched big data-based marketing platform services such as RecoPick, with which online commerce and media websites can utilize high-quality recommendation features simply by inserting a code snippet without additional investment or development in their own system.
  • Development of differentiated commerce platform infrastructure
    SK Planet is committed to developing advanced technologies along with the technological infrastructure to enhance our business competitiveness. Besides operating the existing services such as OK Cashbag and 11st in a stable manner, we have successfully launched new services based on our commerce-oriented core technologies such as Geo-fencing, BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), and Wi-Fi-enabled proximity platforms. Furthermore, we have created common platforms including the biometric authentication platform, payment platform, and push messaging platform, based on our systematic efforts to further strengthen the application of common platforms. We have also designed an index and log analysis platform for product search. By using this platform, we are developing quick search options while managing the quality of search service. Meanwhile, as a way of securing differentiated advanced technologies, we have developed and commercialized an image search functionality by using Deep Learning technology. This image search feature allows users to upload the image of their desired fashion items and search for similar products in our online marketplace 11st. SK Planet plans to harness a combination of these core technologies to deliver differentiated platforms for Integrated & Personalized Commerce.