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Biz Eco System

SK Planet is committed to sharing dreams and growing together towards a brighter future.

Systematic programs to support startups

SK Planet runs startup support programs to offer professional support needed to build, launch, and grow successful startups.

Startup accelerator program '101 Startup Korea' of SK Planet is dedicated to supporting creative and enthusiastic starups to build a solid foundation for success. Participating startups have access to mentorship from top notch industry insiders and startup experts, networking opportunities width investors, starup-oriented seminars, community programs, and free office spaces.

Win-win collaboration with business partners

SK Planet is achieving shared growth with SME partners by operating effective win-win partnership programs.

  • Creating channels to market SME products overseas
    As a way of supporting Korean SMEs to explore their overseas sales channels, SK Planet has created a category that sells Korean SME’s high-quality products targeting overseas consumers in its global online marketplaces.
  • Providing business partners with financial and educational support
    SK Shared Growth Fund, WinC System, and SME preferential payment system is designed to serve our partners and help them finance their businesses. In addition, having a keen interest in enhancing management capabilities of its SME partners, SK Planet provides its partners with quality learning programs such as CEO Seminar and Shared Growth MBA, without charge.
  • Operating open communication channels
    SK Planet has expanded the platforms for open communication and information sharing with its business partners. We publish BR Newsletter that covers SK Planet's business trends and the Korean government’s shared growth initiatives.