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Open Collaboration

SK Planet is committed to sharing dreams and growing together towards a brighter future.

Systematic programs to support startups

SK Planet operates a four-stage program to offer professional support for talented people so that they can build and subsequently grow their startups.

go Idea. Programs designed to develop and turn business ideas into reality
  • Support for
    Communities and

    Support for Developers'
    Communities and Conferences
    SK Planet provides support for the ecosystem
    of developers. We also sponsor developers'
    community gatherings that offer networking
    opportunities, as well as conferences on
    leading-edge technologies.
  • Readme Blog

    Readme Blog
    Readme Blog posts information about
    the technologies behind SK Planet’s flagship services.

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gp Action. Programs designed to nurture the mobile ecosystem and oster shared growth with developers
go Big. Programs designed to offer professional mentoring for ompetent and creative startups
  • 101 Startup Korea

    101 Startup Korea
    As a startup acceleration program, 101 Startup
    Korea allows startups to receive mentoring from
    the industry’s leading experts and to network with
    angel investors and venture capital companies.

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go Global. Global tech programs related to the Internet and platforms

Win-win collaboration with business partners

SK Planet is achieving shared growth with SME partners by operating effective win-win partnership programs.

  • Creating channels to market SME products overseas
    As a way of supporting Korean SMEs to explore their overseas sales channels, SK Planet has created a category that sells Korean SMEs' high-quality products targeting overseas consumers in its global online marketplaces including ‘elevenia’ in Indonesia, 11street in Malaysia, the Chinese version of 11st and the English version of 11st.
  • Providing business partners with financial and technological support
    SK Planet’s win-win partnership programs include financial systems designed to help our partners attain stable business operations. One example of this is our WinC System, which guarantees payment assurance between our contractors and sub contractors. We have also created a preferential payment system where by our SME partners can receive payment for their services immediately upon their service delivery. Moreover, SK Planet offers some of its patented technologies free of charge to business partners, including SMEs, so they can improve their technological competitiveness.
  • Operating open communication channels
    SK Planet has expanded the platforms for open communication and information sharing with its business partners. We publish BR Newsletter that covers SK Planet's business trends and the Korean government’s shared growth initiatives.