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SK PlanetAbout SK Planet

About SK Planet

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With a strong focus on delivering greater value to customers and business partners, SK Planet will never cease to innovate and challenge itself as it continues its journey towards becoming a global leader in the platform world.

SK Planet is

SK Planet, established in October 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom, leads the revolution of online and mobile service platform with its Integrated Commerce, Digital Contents, and Advertising & Marketing Businesses. Through its merger with SK Marketing & Company on February 2013, the new SK Planet became a truly integrated service platform that encompasses both the online and offline marketing channels.

‘Platform + Networking’Was born in SK Planet

The name ‘SK Planet’ is derived from the word ‘Planet’ to describe a world of uncharted dreams and undiscovered territories, and at the same time, it is a combined word that integrates ‘Platform’ and ‘Networking’ to reflect the company’s commitment to sharing the value of innovation by establishing an open ecosystem based on its platform. Based on the principles of openness and sharing, SK Planet is focused on delivering globally-competitive products. Based on our Next Commerce strategy integrating online, offline and mobile channels, we provide consumers with a smarter shopping experience. Through our Digital Contents Platform, we offer the platform for digital information creation and sharing. And our innovative Marketing Communication Service creates unconventional marketing communication on a new level.

Moreover, SK Planet combines the contents and platform capabilities of the following affiliates to create powerful synergies and deliver global success.

  • ㆍ SK Communications offers a wide range of contents and information services
  • ㆍ Commerceplanet is a leader in e-commerce that drives distribution revolution in Korea
  • ㆍ M&Service offers specialized marketing services built on deep customer insight

As it moves into the future, SK Planet will continue to focus on creating success models in Asia, US and other strategic markets, while it aspires to become a global ICT leader that brings to market truly integrated services that define the future of the platform industry.


Inspiring everyone on the planet

SK Planet believes that we all can inspire a better world where everything is connected and everything is there for us. This better world holds endless possibilities and enables anything.

SK Planet is committed to driving new innovation by challenging itself, rather than being content with what it has already achieved. We promote open collaboration among people and bring their talents and full potential to life.

Through mobile-centered creativity and technologies based on a profound understanding and insight on humans, SK Planet provide a product that works worldwide.

We will continue challenging and innovating ourselves to fulfill the customers’ needs with our new technologies, innovative products and creative solutions. SK Planet leads the way towards the new ICT era filled with tremendous and limitless possibilities.

Core Values

Human, Unique, and Global (‘HUG’) are core values of SK Planet.

‘HUG’ means connecting and communicating with the world.

It represents our belief in a new hope for change. With platforms on which imagination comes true,

SK Planet is committed to turning endless possibilities into reality through open communication with the world.

SK Planet places the top priority on our customers, business partners and employees.We pay close attention to the voice of customers to provide them with convenient and beneficial services.We promote joint growth with business partners through diverse win-win partnership programs.We seek to upgrade employees’ capabilities through education and training. As always, SK Planet exerts the utmost efforts for more customer trust and satisfaction.We envision a future built on trust that brings greater happiness to all.
SK Planet, based on its ceaseless effort, passion and energy, drives innovation in the platform business to offer unique products and services.To this end, we have established our own corporate culture unique to the platform business, creating a working environment where employees are fully engaged and energized.With creativity, challenging spirit and the strength to make the impossible possible, we deliver unique value that is incomparable to others.
SK Planet is poised at developing into a truly global organization that delivers happiness to a greater number of people.We bring our best efforts to keep pace with the rapidly changing global trends and inspire customers around the globe with state-of-the-art services. Armed with openness and innovation, SK Planet is opening up new possibilities.

We believe that our ceaseless effort to challenge and innovate ourselves
will make increase the happiness of many.
Under the slogan “HUG the Planet”, SK Planet will continue to be an inspiration
through open communication with the world.