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SK PlanetCEO Message

CEO Message

Cherished values ​​of coexistence and communication platform specialized SK Planet This will create a new world with you.

With world-class technologies and marketing capabilities, SK Planet offers various platforms and services that allow users to be connected anytime and anywhere.

Emphasizing mutual growth based on openness and sharing, SK Planet continues to build a larger ecosystem for ICT industry. We will also continue to challenge ourselves to drive innovation of technologies and services on a global scale.

With customers always being our top priority, we aim to position ourselves as the global leader in the ICT industry, through mutual growth with our business partners and enthusiastic engagement of our employees.

With our new vision of “inspiring everyone on the planet”, I am confident that the new ICT world SK Planet is opening up will surpass any expectations.We ask you to join us on this remarkable journey towards this new world.

Thank you.
SK Planet President & CEO Jinwoo So