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SK PlanetCEO Message

CEO Message

SK Planet is committed to bringing greater convenience and happiness to everyone by delivering innovative and creative services.

Specializing in Integrated & Personalized Commerce, SK Planet makes life easier and more pleasant for customers by connecting the on/offline commerce worlds while also offering innovative and creative services that harness the new potential of mobile technologies.

As a respected leader in new and inventive mobile products, SK Planet delivers a mobile commerce experience that is optimized for the digital era by operating Korea’s most successful digital platforms,11STREET, one of the largest online marketplaces in Korea, OK CASHBAG, Korea’s first and largest consumer rewards program, and Syrup Wallet, a mobile wallet that boasts 10 million users.

In addition, SK Planet is the first commerce service provider in Korea to accelerate its entry into the global market. By leveraging its know-how and expertise through commerce services in the Korean market, SK Planet has significantly grown its presence in overseas markets such as the U.S., Turkey, and Southeast Asia.

Aspiring to become a global leader in the field of Integrated & Personalized Commerce, which today is not only trusted by customers around the world but also preferred by a majority of people worldwide, SK Planet will continue to overcome challenges, innovate existing commerce paradigms, and deliver unique shopping services based on its cutting-edge data technologies.

SK Planet is committed to building a better future by bringing greater convenience and happiness to everyone. Moving forward, I humbly ask for your continued encouragement and support for our remarkable journey towards a new standard of excellence and innovation.

SK Planet President Innchan Lee